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Automatic job alert system for substitute teachers

What is SubSidekick?

What our substitutes are saying...

It's the reason I'm making money now! -Bailey

I could not work as much if it was not for SubSidekick. -Michele

It's a perfect service. I usually have my whole week scheduled by Sunday. -Tyler

Awesome, jobs come to me! Very convenient! -Israel

Great customer service and easy to view alerts. Keep up the good work! -Kelly

I love it. Makes it easy to pick up the job that best matches my abilities. -Nick

I love getting job information automatically! -Carelene

It is the best decision I ever made! -Ashlynn

It has saved me hours of searching for sub jobs. Love it! -Janice

I've been with SubSidekick for over a year now and my calendar is very full, thanks! -Amy

It's been working quite well for me, totally worth the price of admittance. -Scott

You'll never regret having Sub Sideckick help you look for jobs. I love it!! -Lucia

Wow! This is going to help out more than you know! Thank you so much! -Laura

Absolutely LOVE SubSidekick. I've been using it since Sept 2010. Totally worth it! -Kristine

It has been great getting jobs in advance! -Lauren

It's so much easier to have SubSidekick! It is automatic and I love it! -Lynda

SubSidekick is great. Has surpassed my expectations. -Jimmie

A worthy investment! Two years and counting! -Phyllis

I was so impressed that I signed up again this year! -Emma

Awesome! -Cindy

Love it! -Rose

Just started the free trial two weeks ago! LOVE IT!! -Devan

I love it! Super helpful! -Amanda

I love getting the alerts for jobs! -Patricia


Automatic sign in and continual checking of your eSchool Solutions SmartFindExpress® online system for available jobs. Example school districts include Broward, Moore Schools, SBC USD, Alief ISD, and more!


Receive an email, text message, and audio alarm when a new job is found. Supported devices include the iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.


Speed matters, that's why our notifications include a direct link to accept a job.


Set criteria to filter jobs based on classification, location, employee, or assignment length.


Get job alerts without manually checking the SmartFindExpress website or downloading any software.


Communications are encrypted to ensure your information is safe and confidential.