What are the Benefits of Substitute Teaching?

Let’s be honest. Subbing can be difficult. Many days, you don’t know until last-minute whether or not you’re working, where you’re working, or what grade you’re even teaching. You have to be flexible to change, quick on your feet, adaptable to every possible situation, all while hopefully teaching your students a few things along the way.

However, the benefits of substitute teaching can’t be ignored.

Subbing is a great way to gain experience in education and start working as quickly as possible. In today’s job market, unless you’re a bilingual science teacher who can also coach a couple of sports, it has gotten harder and harder to get hired as a regular full-time teacher. There’s more competition and more required of teachers than ever before. Subbing, however, gives you an opportunity to jump right in to teaching and working with students, regardless of your professional background. Most districts require a certain level of education and training courses with their district and then you can be off and working almost immediately.

As a substitute teacher, you also have the opportunity to be exposed to different lesson plans for many subjects and age levels, and in many different styles. This is great experience for when you get your own classroom someday or when you have a substitute assignment where you have to improvise or come up with your own lesson plan off the top of your head. Teaching is a craft that is improved upon and honed over time and subbing definitely provides ample opportunity for practice.

You also don’t have the same danger of teacher-burnout as full-time teachers because the job is seldom the same two days in a row. You might be teaching bilingual kindergarten on Monday, middle school health on Tuesday, 11th grade American literature on Wednesday, P.E. on Thursday, and 8th grade science on Friday. This gives you a chance to decide which subjects and grades you prefer. The more subjects/grades you have experience teaching, the more desirable of a sub you’ll be for schools.

Lastly, with subbing you still have the flexibility to pursue other interests outside of work due to the flexible schedule. It really is hard to beat the many benefits of substitute teaching.

If you want to make it easier to find substitute teaching assignments, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you.

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