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Ways to Truly Relax This Summer

There can be a lot of stress working as a teacher, and a substitute teacher often experiences added pressures. One advantage to the job is having some time off in the summer. Use that time to really relax and de-stress.

1. Take some time to spend outdoors ‑ when we spend our time in nature, it naturally calms us and gives us a feeling of inner peace. The bonus is natural sunlight which gives us our vitamin D ‑ great for the bones and a mood booster.

2. Unplug from technology ‑ use the summer as an excuse to be in vacation mode. Even if you can only do this once a week, take that time to connect to nature by unplugging from technology.

3. Start a fitness program that is fun and adventurous ‑ go hiking, bike riding, etc. Do something new and fun! Make it better by bringing a friend.

4. Slow down ‑ it’s summer; start living mindfully by doing one task at a time, enjoying the beauty around you and living in the moment.

5. Spend time with friends and family ‑ set up date nights and fun nights. The days are longer so it’s a great time to go out and have fun!

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