Using Computer Math Programs in the Classroom

Are you a teacher or a Long-Term Substitute Teacher looking to increase the use of math technology in your classroom? One great way to incorporate more technology in mathematics is through the use of adaptive math practice programs.

Adaptive math practice programs are web-based programs that differentiate instruction to help students practice the skills they need most. These programs range from covering simple math fact mastery to incorporating all of the math domains. Most adaptive programs allow teachers to create student rosters, manage student programs, and track progress along the way.

To get started, students take online diagnostic tests to determine their areas of strength and weakness. Then, the programs create individualized practice activities designed to meet the needs of the student. As students work through the program, adjustments are made to adapt to their needs. As students progress, the programs provide helpful data that can drive classroom instruction.

While there are many adaptive programs available, there are several free programs that seem to be a step above the rest. Here are a few programs worth exploring:

XtraMath is a program that focuses on helping students master math facts. Students begin by taking a diagnostic test and then work through each of the basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

Front Row is another adaptive program that allows students to work on their targeted areas of need. This program extends beyond basic math facts to incorporate all the major math domains taught at each grade level.

Khan Academy is an adaptive program that allows students to practice all math domains, but also provides some additional avenues of support. It allows to students to view helpful hints and/or watch videos that teach them strategies necessary for solving the problem.

Are you already using an adaptive math program in your classroom? Contact us to share your experiences!

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