Understanding SmartFindExpress as a New Substitute

In the past, substitute teachers had to rely on receiving a phone call, very early in the morning, asking them if they were available to work on that day. Today, substitutes have access to system such as SmartFindExpress. This online service provides job listings via phone as well as online. There are many features native to SmartFindExpress, and becoming familiar with them will help you to find jobs that are best suited to your skill set. SmartFindExpress offers:

  • A search function that sorts by date
  • A profile feature that lets you choose which schools, grade levels, and subjects you are willing to teach
  • The option to select dates in which you are unavailable to accept jobs
  • A temporary do-not-call option if you do not wish to receive calls during certain hours of the day
  • Information on specific jobs, including teacher name, school location and address, required hours, and, if provided by the teacher, specific instructions
  • The ability to review assignments that you have accepted for future dates
  • E-mail confirmation both at the time of accepting, and 24 hours before the start of, the job

These features take away much of the anxiety that many new substitutes feel when coming into the field. Unlike other jobs, where there is a set location and schedule, substitute teaching is nebulous. It’s common to feel overwhelmed and lost since you will be choosing which days you work and where. SmartFindExpress takes away all of the guess-work of accepting a substitute teaching job.

Searching for jobs on SmartFindExpress allows you to sort by criteria specific to your tastes, so you can feel more at ease with the job you are accepting. For even more help in finding substitute teaching jobs, you can contact us for more information.

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