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The Trick To Substitute Teaching with a Student Teacher in the Classroom

A teacher who subs frequently will often find themselves in many unique situations. No two days are exactly the same. One interesting experience can be substitute Teaching with a Student Teacher in the Classroom. Sometimes this can be one of the nicest days for a substitute teacher but it also can sometimes be one of the most challenging.

There are many different things to take into consideration as a sub walking into a student teacher’s classroom. The most important thing to do first is to read the sub plans provided by the main teacher. Getting information right from the source is always the best bet. Sometimes the notes will go into specific details on what you should be doing to assist the student teacher. But sometimes the notes will simply say something like “let the student teacher teach their lesson and help with classroom management” or provide little guidance.

If it is anywhere past halfway through the student teacher’s placement, they are most likely teaching at least parts of the lesson. In many cases they are dealing with the brunt of the work and the supervising teacher’s job is simply to observe and assist.

This does not mean a substitute teacher has nothing to do. In many cases students are not on their best behavior for student teachers. Combine this with the generalized excitement and chaos of a substitute teacher being present and students can be different to keep on track. Even though the student teacher may have more of a rapport with the students, it is still your duty to maintain order and control of the classroom. This is not a ‘free’ pass.

Sometimes you may be called to sub near the beginning of a student teacher’s placement. In this case they may not be doing any actual teaching of their own. Instead they may be assisting you as you carry out the lesson plans left by the supervising teacher. This can be very helpful because they will be able to help you get used to the routine and answer any questions you may have. They can truly make the day go by easier.

Substitute teaching while there is a student teacher can be a very rewarding experience. You have the chance to shape a new teacher and model successful substitute teaching. It also can be very challenging. Even if the student teacher is supposed to be doing the teaching and handling classroom management, the classroom is still your responsibility. Determining whether or not to step in when a situation arises, how to step in, etc. can be difficult. There is often no right or wrong answer! Patience and understanding is the key to everyone enjoying a successful day.

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