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Top Four Challenges for Long-Term Substitute Teachers

Being a Long-Term Substitute Teacher has many advantages.  Long-term substitute teachers have the chance to stay in one classroom for a period of time.  They can also form relationships with the children, and can witness the progress of each child as the school year advances.  However, there are also a few challenges that are unique to long-term substitute teachers.  Have you been asked to fill a long-term substitute teaching position?  If so, here are a few of the challenges that you might face:

Classroom Integration

It can be difficult to become accustomed to a pre-established classroom routine, and a long-term substitute teacher may find that it takes a while to feel fully integrated into the classroom.  Consider visiting the classroom while the primary teacher is still there, and take the time to learn about the primary teacher’s policies and routines.  Introducing a few of your own routines might help you and your students establish a bond.  However, keep in mind that students are already accustomed to their day-to-day routine, and can become upset about change in the schedule.

Lesson Management

A long-term substitute teacher needs to be ready to manage lessons over a long period of time, and will need to take the initiative to create new lesson plans.  Long-term subs will need to administer tests, grade homework, and find a way to keep kids engaged with the lesson.

Teacher Contact

Long-term subs should make an effort to maintain contact with the full-time teacher, in order to give progress reports and make sure that the lesson plan is on track.  Maintaining contact with the full-time teacher will make it easier for the teacher to return to the classroom, and will give the full-time teacher a good impression of your teaching.

Saying Goodbye

The hardest part of both short and long-term substitute teaching may be saying goodbye to students when the full-time teacher returns.  Being professional and engaging in the classroom can increase your chances of being invited back for short-term substitute positions in the classroom or the school.

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