Tips to Find Health Insurance as a Sub

Substitute teachers are basically super heroes for schools. Your job is to come to a new classroom, often on short notice, well briefed enough on daily activities and routines that you students don’t feel the effects of their usual teacher being out too much. Sometimes that does not go so well, but you still persevere and do the best you possibly can for the class. 

For the step-in heroes of the classroom though, there are no benefits beyond the actual pay that comes through, which is not a secure place to be. No retirement, no sick days since you are the sick day backup, and most of all, no group health insurance. It can be a real struggle to find health insurance that suits your needs even if it is provided by your employer. If it isn’t? It’s a thousand times more difficult. To help out with finding reliable, affordable insurance that suits your needs, here are some resources and tips.

First things first: check the government websites. These sites are good ways to find information on any form of health insurance you need, at an array of costs. provides information on regular private health insurance, as well as Medicare, Medicaid, disability, and long term care needs for you or your family. It is still a lot of information to sift through, but it’s a great jumping off point from a credible source. is the site you’ll want to visit to find information on how to get insurance through the Affordable Health Care Act. It likes you to your states local site for specific plans available and provides filters for your insurance needs, including premium and deductible costs. The state site will also provide you with online or phone assistance to filter your specific needs.

Second, you’ll want to know what you need.  Depending on your medical needs, a too high deductible or premium can cause problems. If you make regular visits to your doctor, go for a higher premium and lower deductible, it will help spare you some out of pocket costs in the long run. 

Make sure that when you review the insurance plan that it covers your specific needs.

  • Double check that childcare or mental health costs will be covered.
  • Check co-pay and co-insurance percentages. 
  • Make sure you select insurance that your preferred doctor accepts. 

It can be overwhelming to sift through all of the information, but make use of available credible resources and have your own needs in mind, and you can find insurance that will help you be ready to be the substitute teacher you want to be, without all the stress of having no health coverage.

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