Three Ways You Can Become A Better Substitute Teacher This Summer

As summer is now in full swing, unless you substitute in a school with year-round schooling, you now have a nice vacation. Although it might be tempting to use this time to just relax, summer is also a great time to put in a little extra work so you can become the best substitute teacher. The good news is that although becoming the best substitute teacher does require a little extra effort, you will still have time to relax and enjoy your summer vacation. If you are interested in becoming an even better substitute teacher, consider the three following suggestions:

Brush Up On Your Weaker Subjects

Unless you are only substituting in a very specific area, chances are there are areas where you are less comfortable substituting but where you sometimes find yourself needing to teach. Take this opportunity to become more comfortable teaching in these areas. Reading books on the subject or subjects, taking a class, or even having your child tutor you can help you become more comfortable teaching that subject. Do not be embarrassed about having to brush-up on elementary math or having to quiz yourself on the U.S. presidents. Many subjects are probably taught slightly differently now than they were taught when you were a student. Plus, if you learned something ten or fifteen years ago, it might be time for a reminder.

Read the Books the Kids are Reading

Read the books which are popular reading for kids in the grades where you often teach. This can help you connect with the kids. If you have not already done it or if it has been a while, also read the books teachers are commonly assigning to their students. It is a lot easier to teach about a book or to be able to participate in a discussion about a book if you have already read the book. Plus, the books will make a lot more sense if the class is reading them aloud if you already know what happened earlier in the book.

Create or Update Your Sub Bag

What is included in your sub bag really depends upon where you most commonly substitute. For elementary school, stickers, stamps, and other prizes might be a good idea. For older grades, puzzles, word games, or other activities which can be used if there are a few extra minutes at the end of a class might be helpful. If you have been substituting for a while, you probably know what sort of things would make you a more efficient teacher. Include a variety of things which can make the learning experience more enjoyable for the students.

If you would like more tips on becoming a great substitute teacher or you want to learn more about how you can be alerted when new substitute teaching jobs are available, contact us.

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