Three Tips for Having a Flexible Schedule as a Substitute Teacher

For many substitute teachers, one of the biggest benefits of their job is that they have a lot more flexibility with their schedule than they would have with most other jobs. How, though, do you take full advantage of your flexible job schedule?

Don’t Overschedule Yourself

Let’s face it. Substitute teaching can be a difficult job. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you won’t get the same level of respect that the students would show their regular teacher. One of the great things about substitute teaching is that you can take a day or two off occasionally without having to clear your time off with anyone else. Make your days off into what you want them to be, even if that means going grocery shopping or catching up on cleaning your house.

Take Those Short Jobs

While many subs scoop up those full-day jobs right away, many school districts have a harder time filling the shorter jobs. Teachers who are also coaches often leave an hour or two early for competitions. Although they may not pay as much as the longer jobs, these jobs are great. You can sleep-in, maybe go out to lunch with a friend, and then still get in a few hours of work in the afternoon.   

Be Ready on Short Notice

As a substitute teacher, you will often know only a few hours beforehand that you are teaching. Be flexible with this. If you are the sort of sub who is always ready on short notice, teachers and school administrators will likely notice. Being ready on short notice shows your dedication to the job and demonstrates a strong work ethic, both of which are likely to make you someone teachers will want on their list of preferred subs.

Be sure to contact us to learn more about taking full advantage of your flexible schedule as a substitute teacher.

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