Three Tips for Becoming a Great Substitute Teacher

We at Sub Sidekick know that people become substitute teachers for a variety of reasons. Usually, flexibility and variety are two major reasons that make substitute teaching more attractive. Retired teachers will often want to stay somewhat connected to the school environment (maybe just not every day.) Whatever the reason no one ever wakes up wanting to have a bad day. There are some tried-and-true ways that substitutes can have a considerably better experience filling-in for a day or two. 

Follow the Plan 

Every teacher is a little different in how they prepare for a substitute. Some are certainly better than others, but if you find yourself subbing for a teacher who has left a detailed description of what they would like to see accomplished during the day then definitely follow that plan. Teachers like this are often the most detailed and organized educators. It speaks volumes about how they run their classroom and the odds are good that they have the students follow a very set routine. If you don’t follow this plan the students will be thrown-off and likely very unruly. 

Be Warm and Inviting

It’s perfectly fine for substitute teachers to smile and warmly introduce themselves to their class for the day. The students are probably expecting someone unfriendly or even mean. By starting your day off with a smile and a friendly greeting you are helping to put the students at ease with you as their teacher for the day. Don’t let them walk all over you and dictate how you will manage the class, but being friendly always goes a long way.

Dress for Success

Owlcation makes a great suggestion for subs to dress for success. By showing up in professional attire that fits well you are sending a great signal that you take your job seriously. Most schools have something of a dress code for their faculty anyway so meeting or exceeding that expectation is a good way to get noticed and requested by administrators. 

These three suggestions can help anyone get off to a great start as a substitute teacher. Your name and reputation will get around quickly as schools are always looking for fantastic subs! For more information about what can make you the best substitute you can be, contact us here at Sub Sidekick and let us help.

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