The Benefits of Substitute Teaching

Maybe you’ve considered substitute teaching but are on the fence about whether or not it’s the right opportunity for you. Perhaps you’re a retired teacher looking to get back in the game without a long-term commitment. Or maybe you’re searching for your first teaching job but haven’t had much luck so far. Substitute teaching might be the ideal fit in any of these scenarios– and countless others. Below we will discuss the many benefits of substitute teaching:

Flexibility. Unlike a traditional teaching position, substitute teaching jobs come with much more flexibility. You can choose your commitment level– maybe you only want to sub for a day or two at a time. Or, alternately, you can choose to accept long-term sub positions too. If you’re offered a job that isn’t a good match for your schedule, you have the flexibility to turn it down.

Networking. If you’re looking for a permanent teaching position but haven’t yet found a classroom of your own, substitute teaching is a great opportunity for networking. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with other teachers and administrators at various schools while working as a sub.

Determining your professional focus. Perhaps you’ve considered teaching but aren’t sure if it’s the best match for you. Or, maybe you definitely want to teach, but haven’t yet decided what subject or grade level is the best fit. Substitute teaching gives you the ability to work with different grade levels and teach a variety of subjects, resulting in a unique opportunity to help determine your professional focus.

Gaining practical experience. There’s no training quite like on-the-job training. If you’re a novice teacher searching for your first position, subbing gives you valuable classroom experience. By substitute teaching, you’ll get to experiment with a variety of classroom management techniques and learn the best ways to handle discipline issues.

Stay involved while earning income. If you’re a retired teacher, substitute teaching is a great way to stay involved in the field of education without the commitment of a long-term position. Additionally, working as a substitute provides supplemental income– an added bonus for many retirees.

To learn more about the many benefits of substitute teaching, please contact us.

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