The Benefits of Sub Sidekick Text Alerts

The Sub Sidekick app is one of the best companions to a job-seeking substitute teacher. And as you prepare to substitute in your local district and beyond, getting texts customized just for you eliminates the hassle of finding jobs, and especially those that you would prefer. To understand how the Sub Sidekick app can notify you to not only get a job but get the job that you want, read below to learn more.

You’re in Control

After downloading the app and setting up your personal profile, you have the ability to choose what grade levels, what subjects, and what schools you want to work for (and so much more). That way, as jobs come up, you’re allowed to pick and choose more of the jobs that you prefer. Then choose to receive text alerts from the app’s settings and you’re all set to go. From that point on, every notification you receive will help you get the most out of substitute teaching this year.

It’s Quick and Easy

Not only is the Sub Sidekick app customizable to ensure that you get the jobs you want, but it’s also an easy app to use. The app’s program efficiently and repeatedly scans the Frontline Absence Management, SmartFindExpress, and Substitute Online databases to make sure that you never miss an available job. Additionally, its text notifications provide you with everything you need to know about the job, including a link directly to accepting it. Overall, this app is the easiest to use and the quickest route to the jobs that are best for you.

Contact Us

Now that you know about the benefits of text alerts and other services from the Sub Sidekick app, make sure to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll never miss a job again, let alone the ones that are perfect fits for you. To learn more about Sub Sidekick and how we can help you get jobs first, contact us to learn more.

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