The Benefits of Eating Lunch with Other Teachers

As a sub, you may feel out of place and even a little bit awkward joining the other teachers in the break room over lunch. They work with each other every day; you’re just there for a day or two here and there. There are several reasons, however, why joining the teachers at your school in the break room for lunch is well worth your while.

1. Get called back more often. Some teachers control which subs are called for their classrooms and when. Over lunch, you have the chance to create a relationship that will lead them to call you when they need to be out for the day.

2. Get to know your kids better. Classroom teachers often know all about the kids you’re struggling with most–and they’ll have the tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you manage them for a more successful day.

3. Learn more about your school. What’s the actual procedure for an assembly? Which classroom is the most difficult to manage–and therefore the hardest to sub in? Are there administrators who are more helpful when things aren’t going well in the classroom than others? As you listen, you’ll learn a great deal about the environment where you’re subbing.

4. Develop connections for future employment opportunities. Do you intend to stay a substitute long-term, or are you looking for future employment opportunities in the school? Whether you want to be a TA or a full-time teacher, networking with the current teachers is a great way to put your name at the top of the list when those opportunities arise.

If you’ve been skipping the break room when lunchtime rolls around, now is the time to stop. There are many opportunities to be had in the break room–and missing out on them may decrease your ability to successfully obtain new sub jobs or even future employment. If you need more sub jobs that will help get you into the break room, contact us today to learn how we can help make your job as a sub easier.

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