Take Advantage of the Benefits of Being Notified of Jobs on Your Cell Phone

Where did the summer go? It seems like it was just yesterday that kids were counting down the days to summer break, and now it’s mid-September and school is back in full-swing!

Hopefully, the summer provided you with the chance to reflect on your last school year and think of the things you want to improve this year. One thing that can make this year better than last year is if you enjoy the many benefits of being notified of sub jobs on your cell phone.

It may seem like a small thing, but at 5:30 in the morning, being able to glance at your phone instead of going to your computer to find out what jobs are available is a pretty big deal. If there happen to be no jobs that day, no big deal, you can simply roll back over and fall asleep, since you didn’t have to get out of bed to look up substitute job postings.

If there are jobs available, the text notification on your cell phone will make it simple and quick for you to reserve the substitute jobs you want, since you can accept jobs directly from the link we text you. Not to mention the email alerts and audio computer alerts we provide as well! We aim to get alerts to you no matter where you are so that you don’t have to sit at your computer all day waiting for jobs. It doesn’t matter how your school district posts jobs, you can get the notifications sent directly to your cell phone fast with services that make finding substituting jobs easy. Please contact us to find out more about receiving job notifications on your phone!

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