Success Planning in the Summer: Gearing up to Start the School Year Right

Summer is the perfect time to recharge and prepare for the upcoming school year. Each September brings a fresh start and new opportunities to everyone in the education world. If you’re committed to success this year, it’s important to learn how to start off the school year right.

Consider these great tips to prepare yourself for your best year yet.

1. Update your credentials. If you’re actively pursuing a career in education, chances are that you have either earned more college credits or even a new teaching certificate. Alert your employers to any changes. Oftentimes, this can actually lead to higher pay or more specialized assignments. You should also make sure you update your contact information and availability.

2. Freshen up your resources. It’s time to pull out your sub resources and replace any outdated materials. Keep your plans and activities fresh. While teachers usually leave plans for you, it is still important to have engaging plans and activities ready to go at a moment’s notice. Some ideas include finding new release books that might interest the students, throwing in some interactive games that reinforce basic skills (such as math facts or reading comprehension), or cooking up some engaging writing prompts that will excite students and surely please their teachers.

3. Be creative! Schools encounter a sea of different subs throughout any given school year. Whether you are looking for a permanent position or just trying to secure more assignments, it is essential to find a positive way to stand out. Think about what you do that is different or special. Do you have a unique or effective classroom management system that your students love? Do you have experiences or special talents that might be useful in the classroom? Focus on incorporating these strengths into your teaching and your hard work won’t go unnoticed!

Are you ready to rock the school year? Leave a comment to share your special tips and tricks for gearing up for September.  We can’t wait to read them!

Have more questions about getting ready for the school year?  Contact us and we’d be glad to help!

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