Substitutes: Make Your Time In the Classroom Count

There’s also no doubt that every minute counts in the classroom. That is why as a sub you should take your role very seriously. You’re not just a ‘sit-in’ for the day. So if the plans left for you are simply not working out (e.g. can’t locate materials, unruly students, etc.) what is a better option: struggle through and waste time? Or adjust the plans yourself?

It is more productive to come up with a writing prompt or a few different math problems or discussion group questions that are different than the plans. The students are still going to learn; it will just be in a slightly different manner than they might usually do. The regular teacher also probably appreciates these skills being worked on rather than just running out the minutes of the day.

Each and every time you sub, start with the plans that have been left for you. But think logically, if they are not working, you are the teacher after all, modify them. Your job is to ensure the students are engaged during the day. Be creative and help them learn.

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