Substitute Teachers Should Be Prepared

Substitute teaching can be a fulfilling experience and a consistent income.  However, the job is not an easy one and requires some planning. Substitute teachers are expected to be prepared for anything, including downtime and missing lesson plans.  Regular classroom teachers strive to leave detailed lesson plans, clean copies of worksheets, answer keys, and great activities. However, there are times when the regular teacher faces an emergency at 2:00 am and frantically calls in for the day.  The best substitute teachers prepare for these situations. Here are four websites that will help you build a file of worksheets, videos, and activities that will keep the kids engaged and learning.

Math Antics – This website offers short (and fun) videos focused on basic arithmetic, fractions, geometry, percents, and algebra.  You will also find limited a limited number of exercise files, examples, and worksheets. Paid subscriptions give you access to additional items.

Teachnology – This is a favored website, because it is packed with information and easy to navigate.  They offer free worksheets that explore a variety of topics, including critical thinking, math, science, and language arts.  The worksheets can be used to fill extra time or as a bonus for great behavior.

Teachers Pay Teachers – The Teachers Pay Teachers marketplace supplies educators thousands of free and reasonably-priced resources developed for and by teachers.  Educators have access to full lesson plans complete with slideshows, individual worksheets, printable decorations, and activities. There are items for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

TED Ed – TED Ed, like its counterpart TED, provides educational videos. TED Ed’s videos are animated and have a special knack for keeping the audience engaged.  You can also build in questions and activities or use items built by others to enhance the learning experience.

Creating a file (electronic and physical) of these resources will help you be a better substitute teacher.  Your resources will be refined as your experience as a substitute teacher grows. For more information on improving as a substitute teacher, contact us.

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