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Substitute Teacher Tips On Technology

The use of certain classroom technology requires training. This training is usually not offered to substitute teachers.  Working in a classroom with unfamiliar technology puts substitute teachers at a disadvantage.

In an article for US News and World Report author Kelsey Sheehy explains the technological dilemma of substitute teachers.

“For substitutes teaching at multiple schools, there is the added challenge of knowing the schools’ policies on everything from dress codes to hall passes and, increasingly, technology ranging from personal devices such as cell phones to school-provided technology like laptops and iPads.”

One of the most effective teaching tools used today is the interactive whiteboard.  They are wonderful technological teaching tools.  Interactive whiteboards enable a teacher to have a whiteboard they can write on and erase, then use the same whiteboard as a projector.  Computer contents can be projected onto the interactive whiteboard surface and students can treat it as a huge computer screen.  They’ve been around since the early 1990s but have recently become very popular.

There are many substitute teachers who have never had a chance to learn the proper operation of an interactive whiteboard.  If asked to use it the substitute teacher could feel overwhelmed.  Many will move from a lesson utilizing technology to one without it.  This can result in an uncomfortable situation for both the substitute teacher and the students.

In order to avoid this awkward situation many substitute teachers invest in their teaching careers and get independent training.  This is a benefit because there will no longer be a need to wait until a school district finds the funds for such training in their budget.  The substitute teacher will also be able to control what type of training they receive and what they learn.

Knowing how to operate all the latest technological advancements used in the classroom can make things easier for a substitute teacher.  It can also increase their value to school districts. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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