Substitute Teacher Tip: The Power of Asking

Walking into a new school or classroom can be intimidating. As a substitute, you  want to be perceived as professional and capable, but there are so many little things you don’t know. This post about substitute teacher tips will explain the power of asking: who to ask and what to ask.

Ask the office manager! The office manager knows just about everything that happens in a building. If you like working there, don’t be shy; tell the office manager how much you enjoy coming. Ask them if they have any assignments coming up. They are likely to know about days teachers will be gone for training, trips, surgeries, and all kinds other events that will create job opportunities for you.

Ask the teacher next door! Chances are good the teacher you are subbing for knows the teacher next door pretty well. If you can’t find something, or if something in the plans is confusing, poke your head in and ask if they can help you figure it out. Classrooms at the same grade level or subject are often working on the same section of curriculum. If you need plans for all or part of the day, the teacher next door can probably help you out. Everyone will be grateful for the effort you put into making the day productive.

Ask the students! Before releasing students to work on their task, ask them, “What should it look like while you are working? What should it sound like while you are working?” This sneaky way of getting them to tell you the expectations sets everyone up for success.

In short, ask for the information you need. It makes life easier for everyone if you have all the information you need to do your job.

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