Substitute Teacher: Side Hustles and Your Life

As a substitute teacher, you might be thinking of picking up a side hustle. For those not in the know, that’s a side job. The phrase is beloved by the younger generation. It differs from a part-time job in that side hustles have more flexibility. You might just do some jobs when your schedule allows, in a side hustle. That’s what makes side hustles ideal for sub teachers.

Or you may choose to work on particular projects or with specific projects. You usually don’t commit to a specific set of hours.

Side hustles might be in a field related to your teaching. If you are great at web-based design or writing, for example, you might move more into it through picking up a side hustle in design or writing projects. Sometimes people start their own businesses through a side hustle.

How Do You Know When You’re Ready?

People don’t always know when they’re ready to start their side hustle. Maybe the idea has been in the back of your head for several years, but you keep putting it off. You’re rather hang out with friends and family in your hours away from your main job rather than doing a side hustle.

You’re ready to start a side hustle if:

1. The idea excites and energizes you. Successful side hustles are something you want to do. You feel engaged and you want to hit your computer, phones, and contacts. You can’t wait to get into it.

2. More income is optimal. Being a substitute teacher is great, but you may need to optimize your income. The more you optimize it, the more flexible you can be as a sub. Side hustles are a great way of increasing your income.

3. Related elements have fallen into place. Sometimes people want to start a side hustle, but life gets in the way. If you were raising a family or working a great deal as a teacher, you might not have been able to. Then, your kids are more grown up or your job demands abate. You’re ready.

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