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Subs! Try These Three Elementary Filler Games

When there’s time left at the end of the day or lesson, that time can be used to have a little fun with the students in your class! Try some elementary filler games to keep students occupied before the bell rings.

1. Show and Tell.

This is a great way to learn more about the students, and they can learn from each other. Call on some students to go up in front of the class to either tell a story or to show off something — it could be something they’re wearing or even their favorite pencil. You can encourage the rest of the class to ask the student questions and get everyone involved.

2. Scavenger Hunt.

If the weather’s nice, you can take your students outdoors, but this game will work in a classroom too. Create clues such as “Find an item left by someone on the playground” or “Find a blue crayon.”

3. The Neverending Story.

The class can create a story together, one word at a time. Choose a student to start with one word and write it on the board. Each of the following students can add to the story by supplying one word each. Then you all can read the silly story out loud.

These games are easy to play and will be a hit with your students. And best of all, they require little to no advance planning. Next time you find some added classroom time in your day, try these games and have some fun in class!

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