Why Should Subs Attend Education Conferences?

Whether you want to learn new activities to implement in the classroom, find the most practical way to teach a lesson, or simply network with other educators, attending education conferences can be beneficial to you.

There are a range of different conferences aimed at educators, from very large national conferences like the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) conference, to smaller, regional conferences aimed at a particular discipline, such as the Michigan World Language Association (MIWLA) conference.

Attendees are able to attend workshops and presentations, as well as receive advice from key speakers with expertise in education. These conferences typically last for multiple days with different events and workshops being held throughout each day. Educators are often times able to view the schedule of the conference for each day and decide on which events to attend based on their interests.

In the meantime, when you’re not attending workshops, there are opportunities to meet and talk with other educators of similar and distinct backgrounds and share experiences with each other, as well as exchange tips and ideas to use in the classroom all while exploring the city where the conference is being held.

Something that might discourage educators, especially substitute teachers, from attending these conferences is the cost. Many conferences require a fee to participate, and if you’re attending a conference that is not local to your area, things like hotel costs can add up. That’s why it is smart to choose a conference that you believe would most aid in your professional development. These conferences provide opportunities to improve teaching skills and connect better with students, so it can definitely be worth it to save up.

Another option would be to ask for funding from your school district or administrators. It is more difficult to receive funding as a substitute teacher, but as outlined in our article “Substitute Teacher Tricks: Participate in Collaborative Professional Development Even as a Sub!” , as well as other tips on maximizing professional development, it’s still a great idea to ask.

If you are interested in learning how to become a better educator, consider attending a few education conferences if you have not already.

For more advice on substitute teaching, feel free to contact us.

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