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SubFinder and Sub Sidekick for School System Success

Internet technology has made the world of so many things so much easier. Internet banking, prescription drug ordering, movie rentals, and so much more have all become easier than ever before with the ability to walk over to our computer, log on, and perform all of those functions within a five to ten minute time frame. Now, even the task of finding a qualified, distinguished, and properly skilled substitute teacher has been made easier by the evolution of Internet technology.

SubFinder is a fully automated system for educational professionals to find substitue teachers on an “as needed” basis. The system will sufficiently manage teacher absences and allow the user to find a suitable substitute teacher, both through the Internet and over the telephone.

Return on Investment (ROI) and peace of mind are two of the biggest rewards to be reaped from utilizing SubFinder in your school system. These two benefits are successfully achieved by ensuring that you are hiring the most qualified individual for each teaching position based on the particular skills of that individual. No more time or money wasted. Only qualified teaching professionals for your students all the time.

SubFinder can work in conjunction with another wonderful application called Sub Sidekick to alert substitute teaching candidates of potential job openings via text, email, or audio alerts. SubFinder and Sub Sidekick form a wonderful combination for a caring school district and qualified substitutes seeking work, to keep our education system clicking on all cylinders, even when our teachers need to call in sick or have a well deserved vacation.

“Sub Sidekick” also works with AesopOnline, SmartFindExpress, and WillSub. If your school district uses any of these systems, contact us today for more information on our services. 

Photo © mikekincaid

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