Sub Ideas from Pinterest for Basic Subjects

So you’ve gotten the call, and you’re subbing today!  Now, what are you going to teach?  Do you have a plan?  These days it’s easy to get sub Ideas from Pinterest!  From English to Art, Pinterest is where the ideas are.

For English, nothing engages like a game! This Pinterest page is chock full of ideas for games to help kids learn parts of speech, grammar, pronunciation and more.  On this page with poetry resources, you can learn how to do a workshop, a poetry slam, or find poetry to read to various class levels.

STEM is hot now, and on Pinterest, there is no lack of resources!  The best way for kids to learn about STEM concepts with a sub is through activities.  On this Pinterest page, there is information on straw projects, building gingerbread man bridges, and an airplane challenge.  There are also themed posts, like Star Wars or fairy tale STEM projects.  For math, there are scads more good ideas on this page .

Need an idea for Social Studies?  Pinterest has you covered here. From teaching government systems with gummy bears to maps and virtual field trips, there’s bound to be something here for you.  I won’t even mention Door Slaps.  You’re going to love it.

Art projects abound on this Pinterest page.  From Picasso to pasta, there are tons of projects that will engage all of your students. There are ideas here for a Very Hungry Caterpillar project, and an easy monster painting project.  There are projects using few materials, like the one that uses only watercolors and markers, and there are ones that are a bit more involved, like some of the science art projects.

This is only a small taste of what exists on Pinterest for you to use in your teaching.  There is bound to be something on Pinterest that will be just right for you to use when you contact us and get that next sub job!

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