Smart Phone Alerts: The Best Way For Subs To Get Jobs

Are you sick of working half days as a sub or in classes that you know you just want to avoid? If you are struggling to get good jobs, there is a chance you’re getting beaten at the game by other subs who are using phone alerts to stay ahead of their competition and get the best jobs.

Wait, What Are Smart Phone Alerts?

Smart phone alerts are alerts sent directly to your phone that let you know the instant a job drops in your substitute teacher system. These come in the form or emails, text messages, and/or a mobile app. You can then use the alert system to accept the job and schedule it right away. This is likely why so many other subs get the jobs that you want: they take them from their alert before you can sign into your computer or call the schools around you.

Setting Up Smart Phone Alerts

Depending on your district and your sub program, you should have the ability to set up phone CALLS from them, but not usually much else. In order to get smart phone alerts via email, mobile app, or text, you usually need to sign up with an outside alert service, such as SubSidekick.

Are these companies worth it? Absolutely! They can help you avoid Mrs. Johnson’s awful kindergarten class and get that great art sub job that you’ve wanting to get back to ever since. It might cost you a little money up front, but it will save you so much peace of mind and make you MORE money in the long-run with more consistently booked jobs.

So if you are interested in learning how to use phone alerts to get the best sub positions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can help set you up with a great system that will ensure you get the jobs you want when you want them.

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