Seven Great Sub Ideas from Pinterest

Pinterest is rapidly becoming the “go-to” resource for teachers and subs. You don’t have to spend hours researching websites for material when Pinterest has compiled hundreds of resources for you all in one place. Here are seven of the many Sub Ideas from Pinterest:

  1. Time Fillers for Subs This is an easy way to fill in any unexpected time gaps you have in the classroom using wooden popsicle sticks. This Pinterest pin provides you with a list of learning games and how to play them. Write the games on popsicle sticks and let the students choose one to play.
  2. 7 Tips for Substitute Teacher Survival Good classroom management is vital to being a great sub. These seven tips can be the key to coming home at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment instead of stress.
  3. 20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks Have you ever seen that dazed look in the eyes of your students that tells you that you are losing their attention? Taking a short, fun break can bring them back into focus. Use these three-minute brain breaks to solve the problem.
  4. While You Were Out Notes Teachers will love you and want you to sub for them every time they are absent if you use these free “While You Were Out” notes to let them know exactly what happened while they were away.
  5. Sub Bag Ready to Go This Pinterest pin explains how to pack a “Sub Bag” to help you get through your day at school. It not only provides a list of items you can bring to use with the students, but also takes care of you by listing some things to make your day more comfortable for yourself.
  6. The Teacher is Missing Give the students a chance to practice their writing skills while providing the regular classroom teacher with a humorous greeting upon returning. In this activity, students write a story about why they think their teacher is absent on that day. This is just one of the many amazing sub ideas found on this website.
  7. Indoor Recess Ideas It’s recess time…and it’s raining! The children are unhappy. What do you do? You save the day by using one of these thirty indoor recess ideas to help them forget that they ever even wanted to play outside.

Now that you have some great new ideas from Pinterest for your next subbing job, let us help you put them to use. Just contact us and we will alert you of sub jobs in your area.

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