Positive Preparation for Long-Term Subbing

Long-term subbing without the proper preparation can be disastrous. Not only can you find yourself in a daily power struggle, but you can also mar your good reputation. Here are some tips to help you have the best long-term subbing experience possible.

Know the Expectations

Meet with the teacher beforehand to discuss classroom procedures, expectations, and the school policies. The more informed you are the better! Students need consistency and will live up to expectations. Of course, there will always be a few students that want to challenge you. However, your preparation will stop those challenges in their tracks.

Know the Material

When you meet with the teacher get copies of what you will be teaching. After your meeting, do your research and practice how you will present the material. If you are presenting electronically, practice with the application if possible. As you practice, make a list of questions to ask the teacher before their leave begins. You are the one that has to answer questions in the teacher’s absence. The teacher will appreciate your desire to be informed. In addition, the administration will notice your efforts leading to future job offers.


Keep the lines of communication open with the teacher and administration. If you run into any issues while subbing, know who you can talk to and how they prefer to be contacted. Always remember to keep it positive even when you find yourself frustrated with a difficult student or situation. Administrators and teachers will be happy to give you experienced advice when needed. Seeking a positive solution right away and implementing it makes you a problem solver. Not to mention, you are then viewed as a positive addition to their teaching team.

Be Yourself

Finally, do not try to be the teacher for whom you are subbing. The students know you are not that teacher and don’t expect you to be exactly like them. We all have different personalities, approaches, and talents to bring to the table. Let yours shine! Show them the creative, caring, daring and dedicated teacher that stands before them.

As you accept that long-term offer, remember that being prepared is not just for the Boy Scouts. It is good advice all around. Being prepared will stop challenging behaviors, build your confidence, and lead to success in the classroom. Furthermore, the administration and the teachers will want you back. Be prepared for those callbacks by checking out SubSidekick for more substitute tips, tricks, advice, and job alerts!

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