The Many Benefits of Substitute Teaching

The benefits of being a substitute teacher are endless. One way of looking at this type of assignment is that although it’s a professional position in an educational setting, you can envision yourself as somewhat of a freelance employee where you are in control of setting your availability schedule and the grade levels that you wish to work with.

Part-time or Full-time Employment?

You can work either, part-time or full-time; in most, if not all cases, that’s totally up to you! You may be able to work five days per week, or you may only be available, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Generally, a campus understands these individual situations and are more than happy to work around your schedule. Additionally, you’re free to change your schedule from one semester to the next, if not from one month to the next, you could alter your times of availability during a school week. You may find that you’re enjoying the experience and the extra money a little more than you expected and decide that you want to work more!

Choose what grade levels!

Due to the fact that you’re not in a classroom teacher term contract, you’re able to move between grade levels during a school year, and you’re not pinned down to just one grade. You have the freedom to request elementary classes as opposed to secondary, for example, should you determine that you prefer the younger kids and the elementary level schedule and curriculum.

School hours perfect for those with children.

And who’s going to complain about weekends, holidays and summers off? If you enjoy spending weekends with your own family and children, and look forward to spending summers at the beach then the work schedule of a substitute teacher is a perfect career move. If you’re looking for work that will allow you to be at home in the evenings with your children, then the work hours of a substitute teacher are perfect.

Great experience!

If you’re a college student majoring in education, not only does substitute teaching look good on a resume, but it also gives you experience in various grade levels and allows you to make countless professional contacts for future employment once you’re certified.

Could be the start of a new career!

If you are one of those who always felt at home in school or in a classroom setting, or somebody who always dreamed of becoming a teacher, or maybe “soon to be” teacher, substitute teaching just might be the perfect job for you, and who knows….. it could just prod you along to start or finish that education degree. Check us out at SubSidekick for more information about substitute teaching and the many benefits!

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