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What Makes a Preferred Substitute Teacher Stand Out?

Leaving a good impression after spending a day substituting is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be invited back to a teacher’s classroom.  Great substitute teachers can be hard to find, and teachers often hesitate to entrust their classrooms to strangers.  A teacher who knows you and trusts you in the classroom is likely to request you in the future when he or she needs a substitute teacher.  Making a good impression with the kids is important as well.  Kids will often tell their teachers about a substitute teacher who was particularly kind and engaging.

To make a good impression that teachers will remember, you need to be professional.  Show up to the job on time, well groomed, and be polite to everyone you meet.  This includes children, fellow teachers, parents, and school administration.  Make sure to cover everything that the teacher left in his or her lesson plan for the day, and come prepared with your own backup plan.  Keeping your own plan handy will allow you able to fill any extra time in an engaging, productive manner.

Once the day is over, leave feedback for the teacher so that he or she will know how the day went.  Leave a few specific examples of what you studied, or of kids who behaved well, so that the teacher will know that you were fully engaged with the class.

If you want to make a good impression with the kids, make sure to be friendly and do your best to maintain a calm demeanor.  Come prepared with questions to lead class discussions, or find a way to make a game out of the day’s lesson plan.  Kids will appreciate the extra effort, and will often ask for you to come back in the future.

For more information and tips on becoming the Preferred Substitute Teacher for a classroom, please visit out website or contact us for more information.

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