Looking for a Flexible Profession?  Consider Substitute Teaching!

Are you in the middle of a career transition and in need of an income to bolster you without getting in the way? Are you supporting a loved one who is suffering from health issues and who may need your care at a moment’s notice? Are you driven by creativity and seeking the freedom to pursue your passions? Whatever your unique needs for flexibility are, substitute teaching might be just the profession for you.

As a substitute teacher, you will enjoy many dimensions of flexibility, such as the following.

When to Work—By setting dates and times in an online account or mobile app, you can guarantee that your teaching assignments fit conveniently within your availability, whether that be every Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, or just this upcoming Tuesday afternoon.  

Assignment Length—You can also determine the length of your assignments. For example, if you want to build rapport with students and faculty at a single campus, you can choose assignments ranging from a week to a whole semester; or, if you prefer a constant change of environment, you can opt for single-day assignments, moving from campus to campus each day.

Where to Work—Maybe you have a favorite cafe on the Northwest side of town whose breakfast sandwich you would love to enjoy each morning with a hot cup; or perhaps you have an evening meeting with a potential investor in your startup on the Southeast side. You can easily update your substitute teaching account to suggest only those assignments in school districts that are conveniently located where your business or leisure require you to be.    

Subject Matter—Perhaps you’re a retired engineer and would enjoy sharing your mathematical and scientific expertise with the next generation; or maybe the Civil War film you just watched has piqued your curiosity about American history. Whatever they are, you can choose teaching assignments that best align with your current interests or strengths.

Whereas many highly flexible jobs have the drawback of being financially uncertain, substitute teaching is known to be a dependable source of income. There is a constant demand for substitutes, and the daily compensation rate is averaging around $105.00. Also, depending on the school district, you may be eligible for health and retirement benefits.  

If you are interested in building a flexible schedule around your current lifestyle while earning a steady income and making a positive impact on today’s youth, feel free to contact us for more information about becoming a substitute teacher today. 

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