Long-Term Substitute Teaching Could be the Perfect Job for YOU!

In this modern world, flexibility and short-term, but steady employment is what many people are looking for to fit their personal needs.  Substitute teaching is a never ending source of employment; it’s a reliable means of income, a professional job that’s accommodating to your individual work availability, and not a lengthy assignment, depending on how you’re looking at it. Some, if not most substitute assignments range from one to three days. These could be considered short-term assignments.  However, occasionally, a long-term substitute teacher is needed.  Normally, these particular assignments are a month or longer.

Reasons Long-Term Substitute Teachers are Needed.

Often times, a contract teacher may have to take a leave of absence for various reasons, ranging from maternity leave to personal medical reasons or illness in family.  Sometimes a teacher has to leave his/her position in the middle of a term contract.  In these situations, a long-term substitute is needed.  These assignments could range from two to three weeks to a full semester, or even much of the school year, depending on whether or not the campus principal is able to fill the position with another contract teacher.

Long-Term Substitute Teachers usually see a pay increase.

Many times there is a substantial pay increase when a substitute teacher accepts a long-term substitute position.  Often times, when that long-term substitute teacher is certified, the pay could potentially be even greater. So for many, a higher paying position could be very appealing. For those of you trying to pay off student loans and land a job in the education field at the same time, a long-term substitute teaching assignment is really something to consider.

A Great Way for Beginning Teachers to gain experience!

If you’re someone that just finished your college degree in Education and you have your teacher certification, this is an excellent way to get your foot in the door, meet people and get experience in the field. With a long-term substitute position, you’re able to get a feel of what being a full-time classroom teacher is all about.  Many times, the long-term substitute teacher is responsible for lesson plans, parent/teacher conferences, report cards and administering tests.  So overall, serving as a long-term substitute teacher looks outstanding on a resume, especially if you have a desire to work as a full-time, contract classroom teacher in the future.

Long-Term and Short-Term Substitute Teaching positions are both equally Rewarding!

Long-term substitute teaching may be just the right fit for you. Or if you’re someone that’s just looking to work two to three days a week, then short-term substitute teaching is probably a more suitable assignment. For more answers to your questions contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you with your questions and concerns.

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