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Long-Term Substitute Teacher Can Build Confidence

Let’s face it.  If you want to become a well respected and gifted teacher, you are going to need practice.  Getting in front of a class as much as possible is the key to becoming everything you ever wanted to be.  This is why spending time as a long-term substitute teacher is a great way to build confidence on your way to becoming a full time teacher.

Making The Commitment

The first thing you need to do is make the commitment to becoming a substitute teacher.  Getting the proper qualifications is not the hardest thing in the world, but you need to be prepared.  Most any substitute teacher will either need a Bachelors degree or the proper education classes from an accredited university.  They will also have to get certified before even being able to teach with a supervisor.  In the end, making the commitment is the best thing to do.

Get In It For The Long Haul

Whether you are planning on teaching different classes each day or doing a long term week when the normal teacher is on leave, you should use this time to really learn your craft and get more comfortable in front of a class.  Nerves are a killer and taking every chance you can to squash them will help you out immensely.  This is going to be your career so you should get as much practice as you can in the minor leagues, so to speak, before you get moved up to the main team.

When it comes to being a substitute teacher, making the commitment then staying in it for the long haul until you become an expert are the keys to truly becoming successful.  If you cannot accomplish these, then you should find another career path.  If you are a substitute teacher looking for work, please contact us.

Photo © Voguemarie2010

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