Let it Snow: Winter Books To Read Aloud To Your Students

Although winter is cold (for most of us!), it is truly a beautiful time of year. There are few things as magical as fresh snow slowly drifting down from the clouds, and children are particularly fascinated by those sparkling, fluffy white flakes. Even if it doesn’t snow where you live, the winter months are a perfect time to delve into some great stories about the magic of wintertime. Consider this list of the best snow books for substitute teachers to share with your classrooms:

1. The Snowy Day. This simple story from Ezra Jack Keats is a delightful tale that shows us the magic of the first snow through a child’s eyes. The Snowy Day is timeless in that nearly every child can relate to the actions of Peter–he piles on his snow clothes, makes neat tracks in the snow, knocks down piles of snow from tree branches, sleds down big hills, and builds a charming snowman. His day ends in the warmth and safety of his home with a hot bath. Although it was published in 1963, this book remains a favorite for younger children everywhere.

2. The Mitten. Jan Brett’s incredibly charming story of a lost mitten is a hit with little ones. They love the journey of Nicki’s lost white mitten and its’ fantastic animal inhabitants. This is a warm and fuzzy story with humor that is designed to make your little students giggle. You’ll enjoy watching their amazed expressions as one charismatic animal after another crawls into this tiny mitten, stretching it far beyond capacity.

3. Snowballs. Lois Ehlert uses her incredible collage-style illustrations to bring a snowman family to life. This book offers children a unique twist on the traditional way to build a snowman. Snowballs encourages children to use their imagination and opens a door to endless artistic possibilities for something as simple as building a snowman. Your students will be itching to gather some “good stuff in a sack” and get outside to create their own, one-of-a-kind snow family.

4. One Snowy Night. This book is full of beautiful, inviting illustrations that will pull children in and create a bond with the adorable characters. Kind-hearted Percy is a park keeper and enjoys feeding the variety of animals who live there. A bitterly cold and snowy night brings these animals right to his doorstep looking for food and shelter. Percy doesn’t have the heart to turn any of them away and shares his warm home with everyone, resulting in a humorously squishy situation.

5. Katy and the Big Snow. Virginia Lee Burton’s delightful snow story features a unique protagonist–a tractor. Katy the tractor spends her summers pushing a bulldozer and her winters pushing a plow. However, this winter brings one of the biggest snow storms the town has ever seen and provides Katy with an opportunity to be a hero! Your students will love Katy’s endearing personality and unstoppable determination.

The winter months are a magical time for children, and newly fallen snow brings unending possibilities to young imaginations. These stories allow you to share the magic of snow in the warmth of your classroom, and will inspire your students to make the most of their next snow day. Please feel free to contact us to learn about more fantastic books for your classroom!

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