No lesson plan? No problem! Emergency Lesson Plan Resource

It’s a substitute teacher’s worst nightmare – you walk into a classroom to find the teacher has forgotten to leave the day’s lesson plan. All teachers know that good classroom management begins with a lesson that keeps students focused and engaged. While some substitute teachers may take the easy way out and run the class as a study hall or allow children to play games, these approaches are destined to create more problems than it fixes. When school begins again this fall and you find yourself in a situation where you do not have adequate plans to cover the amount of time you have with students, can help. It is the perfect source for emergency substitute teacher lesson plans.

BrainPop is an educational website that consists of brief 3 to 5 minute cartoon videos with supplementing questions, activities, and quizzes. Topics range across all content areas and are appropriate for elementary and middle school students. Many schools have a site license for BrainPop. If this is the case, ask another teacher to log you in so that you may browse the complete catalog of activities that best suits the class. If the school does not have an account, you can still use BrainPop to your advantage.

Each day, BrainPop releases a featured video on their homepage that is often relevant or significant to that day. The site hosts a number of lessons relating to national holidays, significant events, and famous or noteworthy people. Chances are that this daily featured clip will be relevant for your students.

BrainPop can be accessed from a variety of devices including laptops and desktop computers and is even available on tablets and mobile devices. Depending on the technology available to you in the classroom, you can use BrainPop for direct instruction by displaying the video to the entire class, or in small groups with students working together and viewing clips at their own pace. Again, clips come with worksheets and quizzes to encourage students to discuss the master the content provided from the clip.

Using BrainPop will not only solve the headache of managing a classroom of idle students, but it will also demonstrate to the school that you are a teacher who can think on your feet and is well-versed in the latest instructional technology. These qualities are attributes of an excellent substitute teacher. For more lesson plan and classroom management advice, contact us. We want to be your source of information to allow you to be a successful substitute teacher.

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