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How to Use Long-Term Substitute Teaching to Obtain a Full Time Position

Using long-term substitute teaching to obtain a full time position is an excellent way to get to know the school district, its practices, and its teachers and staff.  It’s also the best way for the district and everyone from the food and maintenance personnel to the office and administrative staff to get to know you.

Moreover, this is where the right kind of first impression can make or break your chances for future full-time, permanent employment.

So, to make that first impression a good one, here a few tips to follow:

  • Pour over the school procedures well in advance of the start of your contract, and create a checklist of pertinent tasks.
  • Introduce yourself to colleagues so that they know who you are, and make it clear that you will appreciate any guidance that colleagues offer.
  • Keep lesson plans simple, readily available, and submit them in a timely fashion.  If you are unsure of the district policy, ask.
  • Listen to goings on to learn the dynamic of the school because it has its own personality, and you want to be a good fit.
  • Always be on time – if not early.  If you have bus duty, be there before the students arrive on the bus.  If you have cafeteria duty, be in the cafeteria before anyone might look for you, prepared to lend a hand – and jump right in and help, especially if no clear guidelines are set and you see where help is needed, but always with the idea that you are open to direction.
  • Use email to correspond and to follow-up on all school related matters, and be sure to carbon copy everyone who might be connected to your discussion. In this way, you ensure a response to questions and have a readily accessible record of goings-on that might be important in the future.

To learn about long-term substitute positions, check with your school districts sub-finder such as AesopOnline, SubFinder, SmartFindExpress, and WillSub.  They’ll let you know what positions are available, including the school and grade of the students.

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