How to Effectively use the AesopOnline Calendar To Find Jobs

AesopOnline makes a substitute’s live easier in terms of finding and accepting job openings. One of the best things you can do is learn how to effectively use the AesopOnline Calendar. It is very simple and once you learn the ins and outs of it, you will be glad you did!

 Finding Available Sub Jobs

AesopOnline makes it very simple to find and accept available sub jobs. When you log into your account online, there will be a few different ways to view the available jobs.

You can do any one of the following:

  1. Click on the link that says ‘Available Jobs’ in the upper right corner. (It will have a number in a green circle that will correspond to the number of jobs currently available).
  2. Click on the available jobs tab. (This is in between the home and history tab).
  3. Click on the available jobs tab further down the screen. (This one will have a number in ( ) which corresponds to the number of available jobs).

Once you have clicked on one of these three choices, you will see a list of all the available jobs. For each of the jobs you will be able to see pertinent details such as who the teacher is, what grade level, the school, dates, and times. Be sure to pay attention to whether it is a full day or half day as well as pay attention to multiple day absences.

There may also be specific notes that the teacher has left in order to give you additional information about what you may be doing. Be sure to investigate all of the details fully before accepting.

To accept one of these available jobs, simply click on the green button that says accept. You may also reject the job if you are unable to take it.

Once you accept the job you will be given a confirmation number. Once you see this number you know that you have accepted the job and no one else can take it. It will also show up on your scheduled jobs list.

If you need some extra help, be sure to check out this page in the user guide. It shows some very clear diagrams to help walk you through the process.

Please contact us for help with AesopOnline or to get more great tips and tricks for substitute teachers.

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