How to Cancel a Job Using SubFinder

SubFinder is an innovative platform that provides one place for organizations throughout North America to post substitute positions. Persons interested in being a substitute teacher can easily log-in, review available positions, apply and be accepted. You can efficiently search for positions based on your qualifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everyone recognizes that circumstances may arise that prevent you from fulfilling a job you were accepted for. How do you cancel a job? Perform this function by reviewing your assignments. Below is a guide to the review section of SubFinder.

  • Click “Current Jobs.” Once you have logged-in, the “Current Jobs” button will list all your current assignments in start date order. This table will give you complete details, including who you are substituting for, the position, the site location and the dates and times applicable to the job. There are also hyperlink columns entitled “Special Instructions” (SI), “Itinerant Schedule” (IS) and “Substitute Notes” (SN). The hyperlinks are active when information in those categories is available.
  • Select the “Job ID.” The “Job ID” is located to the far left of the review table. Click the job you need to cancel to reveal a new window with detailed information, including a “cancel” option.
  • Click “Cancel.” SubFinder will want to verify you want to cancel. To confirm, simply click “Cancel Job.” If you change your mind, choose “Don’t Cancel.” In some cases you may be prompted to add a reason for the cancellation.

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