How to be a Preferred Sub From Day One

While a “warm body” is the bare minimum for a substitute teacher we all know that it is far more to that. If you want to get the best assignments and work in the best schools, you need to develop a reputation as a great substitute teacher. The best way to accomplish that is by spending some time in the summer to establish yourself in the schools where you want to work. The best way to get yourself at the top of the list is to call the school in the summer and ask if you could visit with the principal for about five minutes. 

When you visit with any school official make sure you are dressed as if you were going to sub for the day. Have a copy of your resume and a cover letter as to why you would love to work in their school. When you meet, make sure you are pleasant and conversational outlining what strengths you have as a substitute. The summer is the best time for administrators to meet with you as things are a little more relaxed. 

Because administrators are always busy with dozens of things going on at the same time it will be very important for you to send a follow-up email, a letter in the mail or just drop by again right before the year starts. It is also worth your time to ask if it would be possible to attend any of the teacher meetings or professional development before the year starts. When administrators see that you are willing to go the extra mile to be a part of their professional learning community you will quickly establish yourself on the short list of preferred subs. 

Sub Sidekick is always here as your preferred resource for how to stay busy working as a substitute teacher. Contact us for more information about how we can help you as a professional substitute teacher. 

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