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How to Accept a Job using AesopOnline

AesopOnline is a great service and resource for substitute teachers to find teacher absence postings on the internet. SubSidekick gives you unlimited access to AesopOnline as well as other substitute placement and absence management systems. Your school must be using one of these management systems for the notification system to work properly. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of how to use AesopOnline. This article will tell you How to Accept a Job using AesopOnline.

After logging in to AesopOnline and navigating to your Home Page, you can first check your “notifications” and confirm any that require your conformation. The main tabs are Available Jobs, History and Preferences here. There is also a calendar that is color coded to help you see both past and scheduled jobs, available jobs, and non work days at the school. The main body is below the calendar and holds the Job Tabs which consist of Available Jobs, Scheduled Jobs, Past Jobs and Non Work Days.

To look for jobs you will first need to select either of the “Available Jobs” tabs. On this list you can see all the details of the job without having to move to another screen. Accepting or rejecting a job is as simple as selecting the Accept or Reject button. The icon that looks like a sheet of paper is a “Notes” button that will contain notes about the particular job from the teacher. Some jobs will list as multi-day absences. For these jobs you will select “See Details” instead of accept. This will expand and detail the days offered so you can make a decision. Phone number and even a maps buttons are also available on this page to help you contact and locate the school.

Once you have accepted a job, you will then receive a confirmation number. Bring this number with you to the school when you start the job. There may also be a file attached at this point for you to review with helpful information from the school.

Your home page and calendar will be updated automatically with the newly accepted assignment. You can go to your home page and access this information by checking the interactive calendar.

It’s as simple as that. Aesop will offer you the flexibility to search for jobs the way you want. And by using SubSidekick, once you are logged in to Aesop, the jobs will come to you. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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