How Subs Can Help Stop Bullying

Substitute teachers may only be running the classroom for a short time, but they can also be some of the best people to help in the effort to stop bullying in schools! Consider that everyone (adults and children) tend to get more comfortable and relaxed around people they see routinely. When this happens their manners can sometimes fall by the wayside as well. Substitute teachers are guests in the classroom and by nature these students will be more attuned to their presence and expectations. 

Much like when kids “show out” a bit when company is at the house they will do the same thing at school. What some may take as behaving badly for a sub is in actuality an opportunity for the sub to have teachable moments. Being aware of when students are not being a good friend to others is the first step. When a sub sees this, turning a blind eye and chalking it up to bad behavior for the day is the worst thing to do. 

Taking the time as a sub to have a talk about not being a good friend can be very helpful. Even more important than continuing their instruction, helping to impart good character with the children is vital! Substitute teachers would be well served to do research on characteristics of bullying behavior in classrooms as well as tips for how to respond when they see this behavior. Remember that as the adult guest in their classroom they are more aware of what you say and do than you realize. 

Sub Sidekick always supports the concept of communicating with the school before you do anything as a substitute teacher. Because of this, knowing the school’s bullying policy and what efforts they have going on in the school to combat bullying is extremely important. Remember to do your homework on this before working in a school. Contact us for more information about substitute teaching resources and to find out how we can support you in your efforts as a phenomenal substitute teacher! 

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