Great Resource for Substitute Teacher Certification By State

Substitute teaching is a great way to get classroom experience. So often the complaint is that experience is so hard to get because so many jobs want candidates to have experience. Fortunately, for certified teachers who are trying to get their career started, substitute teaching helps build a presence in the community and get recognition for qualities and attributes. You could think of every day in the classroom as a job interview. How much would you like to have multiple chances to make a good impression on a potential employer?

So what do you need to do to get signed up as a substitute teacher? The National Education Association offers an excellent list of requirements by state. Most states require you to have some level of college, usually 60 credits and above. Some states like Kansas and North Dakota require a teaching certificate, while others, like Georgia and Mississippi, only require a high school diploma to teach in most districts. Most states will need you to complete a background check and submit fingerprints. Still not sure? Why not take a couple of minutes and look through our blog to get tips, read stories, and learn more about substitute teaching!

What you will need, once approved to substitute teach, is a computer and/or mobile device to receive jobs as they become available. When you are using AesopOnline, you will be able to log into your account and accept jobs as they are made available.

This is where SubSidekick comes in, a resource that can make finding jobs easier and get you in a classroom doing what you love. SubSidekick alerts you the moment jobs become available, saving you time. When a teacher calls in, you’ll be notified by a text message or email. Set it to make an audio noise from your computer, phone, or mobile device when a job is available, so you don’t have to hover over your computer! SubSidekick also lets you filter the jobs that you see, so you get the jobs that work for you.

Do you have questions? Want to know more about getting certified to sub and using SubSidekick with AesopOnline? Contact us and follow us on Twitter. We would love to hear from you!

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