How To Get Picked as a Preferred Substitute Teacher

Getting on a preferred substitute teacher list is a great step towards making more money and picking up more gigs. But how can you get on this kind of list? There are several ways you can impress teachers and have them put you their automatic preferred sub list.

Take Detailed Notes

During the course of the day, take detailed notes on the behavior of the students and take down the name of students who misbehave. This gives the teacher the information they need to discipline problem behaviors. It also shows that you care about the students and the gig and are willing to take extra steps to do a great job.

Follow The Teacher’s Orders

While you have some room for improvisation as a substitute teacher, you need to make sure to follow the teacher’s recommendations as much as possible. Cover the right material, give them the right homework, and help them to the best of your ability. In this way, you can show the teacher you work hard to meet their needs.

Endear Yourself To The Students

While you shouldn’t become “friends” with your temporary students, endearing yourself to them is a good idea. Many teachers ask students which sub they prefer. If the students like you, there is a good chance they’ll ask for you over others. Endearing traits include having a sense of humor and being a positive influence on their lives.

If you need help becoming the positive presence that your students deserve, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can guide you to the improved experience you need for your substitute teaching.

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