Funny Books About Subs To Make Your Class Smile

Beginning a new day as a substitute teacher may be nerve-wracking for you, but did you realize that your students might be nervous too? Help break the ice and start the day off right by reading the students a book about some hilarious substitute teachers.

Elementary students of course love it when books are read to them, but don’t forget that even middle-schoolers and high-schoolers like to still be ‘kids’ every once in awhile. Books can be the perfect way to help soothe their nerves and grab their attention. Read students one of these great books for substitute teachers, and you’ll have them relaxed and ready to have a great day in no time!

Substitute Creacher by Chris Gall

In this hilarious picture book, students arrive at school to find themselves face to face with a substitute ‘creacher’ (creature + teacher = creacher). Throughout the book, the substitute creacher tells funny stories about what happens to students that cause trouble in the classroom. The creative storyline and laugh-worthy illustrations will leave kids hanging on your every word.

After you finish this book, take the opportunity to talk to kids about what both of you can do to ensure that you have a great day together. If you have some down time throughout the day, have students dream up their own substitute creacher and write a story about them. Adjust this activity for lower elementary students by having them draw a picture of their imaginary substitute creacher and accompany it with a few sentences describing them. Adjust it to older students by having them create their own new creature in a original short story.

Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry J. Allard Jr.

A time-tested kid favorite! This book tells the story of the students in Miss Nelson’s class after she goes missing and a substitute teacher takes her place. During their time with the substitute, students come to miss and appreciate their beloved teacher, Miss Nelson. Students love the surprise ending!

One of the best things about this book is that it is found in most elementary classrooms. Many students are already familiar with Miss Nelson’s story, but they love to read it again and again.

After reading this book, have students write about where they think their teacher might be. Encourage them to be creative and be sure to leave them behind for the teacher to get a good laugh out of upon their return.

Whether you prefer the silly new take on substitute teachers or the older classic, these stories are the perfect way to start your day in any classroom.

Are you already using these books or other great books about substitutes? Contact us today to share your ideas!

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