Fun Things to do During Spring Break That Can Transform Into Classroom Curriculum

If you are a substitute teacher, you deserve to enjoy yourself with fun things to do during spring break! The suggestions below will help you gain material for your next substitute assignment.

1) Take the opportunity to discover your regional and state parks. Public lands provide opportunities to learn about local archaeology, history, wildlife, and native plants. Public park lands are a natural escape close to town that feels far away. If you enjoy hiking, you will likely have several nature trails to explore. Additionally, regional, state, and national parks usually include cultural experiences depending on the focus of the park and the region.

2) Grade school students appreciate interesting information about cultures from around the world, especially those that reflect their own heritage. By exploring museums and archaeology parks, you will find great curriculum opportunities. Many parks offer curriculum kits, so be sure to check with the visitors center.

3) If funds allow, consider attending a concert of an artist popular with young people. The story of your concert experience can generate thoughtful discussion and provide a valuable ice-breaker for you and your students.

4) If your community has a parade during spring break, this is a topic of classroom discussion for your next substitute assignment. Community events can transform into worthwhile curriculum and discussion.

5) Do something creative! Most communities have studio type shops with pre-made ceramics that customers can glaze and the shop will fire your decorated pieces in their kiln. This will provide a conversation piece for your next substitute assignment.

6) Grow a garden! Spring break is a great opportunity to start a garden. Be sure to keep your garden simple and easy to maintain given how busy your schedule is on a weekly basis. You can grow a lovely lush garden in a simple planter box. Gardening is one of the most valuable sources of science curriculum for students of all grade levels.

Spring break activities and adventures will be the perfect primer for a writing assignment.

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