Fun And Free Tools That Can Help You Learn A New Language

Learning a new language can enrich your life in many ways. It may improve your memory, enable you to connect with other cultures, and as a substitute teacher, it can open up new employment opportunities. SubSidekick is devoted to helping you become the most successful substitute teacher that you can be, and becoming fluent in a new language would make you more employable, and help you relate and connect with students who are English Language Learners.

Accessibility, cost, and quality are three of the most important criteria for any tool that we use to learn or help someone else learn a foreign language. Here are our favorite language learning resources that will help you and your students learn a new language:

  • Duolingo app and website. The website offers more opportunities for writing than the app.
  • Books that have been translated into multiple languages. 
  • Subtitles on movies you own on DVD, or simply setting your closed captioning on your television to another language.
  • Music in the language you are learning. Have you heard La vie en rose in French?
  • Talking with native speakers in the language you are learning, seize every opportunity!
  • The website Language Learning At Home which was created by Anne Guarnera, has a plethora of tips for parents and teachers who want to help children learn a new language. 
  • Games such as board games or flashcard games and video games, which children or adults can play to build their vocabulary in a foreign language.
  • Another important tool in language fluency that Anne discusses is audiobooks in a foreign language. We all know how important reading aloud is for teaching children English, and it is an essential component of learning a second language as an adult or as a child. Your local library often has audiobooks that you can access free online!

 We hope these resources will become valuable tools as you learn, and help your students learn, new languages in the classroom or at home. For more articles that will help you succeed in the world of education, visit the SubSidekick blog!

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