Four Benefits of Being a Long-Term Substitute Teacher

There are many reasons a school might be seeking a long-term substitute teacher. Maybe they do not have enough teachers, and they need someone to fill-in until they can hire a permanent teacher. Maybe an extended illness has caused a teacher to take several weeks off. Perhaps, the permanent teacher is on maternity leave. No matter the reason for the school’s need for a long-term substitute teacher, the idea of being a long-term sub can be intimidating for some people. Fortunately, there are at least four benefits of being a long-term substitute teacher.


If you have a teaching degree or are working toward one, the experience gained working as a long-term sub can be especially valuable. Often you will create lesson plans, establish your own behavior rules, and gain teaching experience that you would not get from working in a different classroom every day. This will help you better understand how you want to handle things in your own classroom. It can be an especially valuable experience if you are subbing in a classroom where you are teaching the grade level or subject you hope to one day teach.


It is a great experience to get to work with the same kids on a daily basis. You get to know their names. You start to understand what to expect from the kids. You come to understand what kids are going to be helpful and which kids may cause a disruption. You are also able to build relationships with other teachers in the school as well as people such as the secretary and principal. The relationships you build with other adults can help you to get a permanent job.

Increased Pay

Long-term substitute teachers generally need to create lesson plans, grade papers, and do other tasks that short-term subs only do on a limited level. Because of this, long-term substitute teachers are often paid more per day.

No Need to Search for a New Job Daily

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of a long-term subbing position is that you do not have to worry about finding a new job each day. You will have the same position for several weeks, or at times, several months at a time. Plus, you do not have to keep track of where you will be on a specific day.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of long-term substitute teaching or if you need help finding substitute teaching opportunities.

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