Five Tips For Keeping a Captive Audience

These days it takes a little more creativity to keep students engaged and on task! Here are five easy tips to make sure you are effectively engaging students!

1. Open Up!

Introduce yourselves to students by telling them a personal story. Young people love stories of adventure or mishaps such as that time you climbed a mountain, travelled somewhere neat, or had an embarrassing moment. You can also share something about your family or hobbies that they may also enjoy.

2. Behavior Games

Have students compete against each other to see who can earn the most points by showing excellent behavior and finishing their work. The winning table will get a special note written to the teacher about their awesome behavior!

3. Keep Moving

Read over the plans carefully so that not a minute is wasted. Students tend to act up when they don’t have anything to do. Have something for students to do when they are finished. They could read a book, write a letter, or practice a skill they’ve been working on in that class.

4. Set Rules

Often times the teacher will leave instructions on his or her daily routine. Try and keep the students’ routines as normal as possible. Set expectations at the beginning of the day or class period. Find out how often students can use the restroom, how they will get their materials, and how they will participate in class.

5. Be Positive!

Smile and stay upbeat! Give compliments to students who are behaving well. Many teachers and adults tend to focus on redirecting students instead of reinforcing those students who are doing well. The students who are misbehaving will see you complimenting and rewarding the students who are receiving praise and many times they will follow suit!

Contact us for more information on how you can actively engage students!

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