Don’t Wait: How to Get CPR Certified Now

Having training and certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is is highly recommended for all teachers and substitute teachers. Not only is it a skill that schools value in their educators, but you never know when you might have to actually use it.

A stoppage of breathing can occur because someone is choking, has inhaled too much water, has overdosed on drugs, has suffered a head trauma, or has lost a great deal of blood, among other reasons. Seconds count. Brain damage can result if a person goes for 4 minutes without breathing. Death can occur in 4 to 6 minutes. These situations unfortunately not only come up with students, but also the many teachers and staff that occupy schools each day. There simply can never be too many CPR certified people around.

CPR consists of two basic maneuvers: 1) opening the person’s mouth and providing “rescue breathing” (breathing for them) so that oxygen continues to circulate to their brain and 2) chest compressions, to keep blood circulating. While untrained people can do chest compressions (and should, if no trained person is present in an emergency), it is now considered best practice that untrained people not do rescue breathing. Studies have shown that, because they do not feel competent to perform rescue breathing, they do not take any action at all.

How can you get CPR certified? In the U.S., classes and certification in CPR are given locally by the American Heart Association at many different centers throughout the country. Check here for one near you.

The Heartsaver CPR course can be successfully completed by anyone; you do not need medical training. It is also designed to meet OSHA requirements.

The course has several components: 1) online sessions to teach basic information 2) in-person sessions with an actual instructor.

In Canada, training and certification in CPR is given by the Red Cross of Canada. It too is divided into online and in-person sessions. You can search their database for when a course will begin near you.

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