Do Schools Know if I cancel a Job on AesopOnline?

We lead busy lives. Unfortunately one of the problems with being a substitute teacher is the often hectic and crazy schedule you need to keep track of. Sometimes we forget about doctors appointments, get sick, or accidentally accept a job on a day we cannot sub. What do you do? The real question a substitute teacher asks is, “do they know if I cancel a job on AesopOnline?

Excellent question. The short answer is yes, school districts do know when you cancel a job. School districts understand that sometimes, despite our best intentions we may need to cancel. Due to this, AesopOnline does allow you to cancel jobs in most cases, which will allow the district to find a replacement.

However, keep in mind that if it is too close to the start time of the job, AesopOnline will not allow you to cancel. Some school districts may also give you the ability to cancel parts of a multiple day sub job. Again, this is dependent on what permissions have been set by the districts individually.

Because districts do know when you cancel a job, be sure to cancel jobs only when you need to. Frequently canceling does not give a good impression and you may find yourself blacklisted from that district.

The plus side to being able to cancel your sub job online is that it allows the system to find a replacement sub quickly. Rather than the hassle of calling the school directly. It makes things more organized and efficient for everyone involved.

How to Cancel a Job with AesopOnline:

It is very easy to cancel a job on AesopOnline. Simply log into your account and find the job that you wish to cancel. If you are permitted to cancel a red button will show up with the word ‘Cancel’ written on it. Left click to cancel.

A window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to cancel the job. Be sure to click yes when this window pops up. This will confirm the cancellation!

It is just that easy to cancel a job with AesopOnline.

Contact us if you have any questions using the AesopOnline system. We would be happy to help.

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